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Warren Buffett’s ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’ a smaller affair after pandemic -Breaking


© Reuters. FILEPHOTO: Warren Buffett is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. He walks the floor as Berkshire Hathaway Inc shareholders gather in the exhibition hall. The meeting was held in Omaha, Nebraska on May 4, 2019. REUTERS/Scott


Carolina Mandl and Jonathan Stempel

OMAHA, Neb. (Reuters) – Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NYSE:) Inc will have its annual shareholder meeting in-person on Saturday. But, it is unlikely that the extravagant event dubbed “Woodstock for Capitalists” will see fewer people or pared-back events at the exuberant extravaganza.

Buffett, the 91-year-old chairman and chief executive officers of Berkshire will respond to shareholder questions in Omaha for approximately five hours.

The shares will likely address recent investments, an over-saturated cash pile, share purchasebacks and rising inflation. They may also decide whether Buffett should be the chairman.

Ajit Jain and Greg Abel, Buffett’s designated successor, will join them as Vice Chairmen.

A lot of shareholders go beyond the meeting.

The three-day event will include a run of 5 km (3.11 miles), shareholder shopping by dozens Berkshire businesses at downtown CHI Health Center, where the meeting is held, as well as several private investing conferences.

Phillip Black, who is co-owner and operator of The Bookworm, said that “you’re selling as quickly as the cash register will sound.” He was the sole non-Berkshire company selling tickets at the arena. In past years, weekend sales exceeded $100,000. It’s a relief to be able to rest and relax after it ends.

However, shareholder will still notice the change, and they won’t need to provide proof of COVID-19 immunization in order for them to be able attend events.

Berkshire anticipates that attendance will be significantly lower than recent meeting’s 40,000 attendees, most of whom are from abroad. Omaha gained $21.3million from the 2019 meeting. It was the last meeting in person before the pandemic.

James Armstrong from Henry H. Armstrong Associates said, “I attended for 25 year in a row prior to COVID.” “But, I just don’t want to make that trip. It’s not my first time flying.


According to data company STR Inc., occupancy rates may be lower than the normal 90%-95% in Omaha’s 15,608 hotels rooms. Late travelers might prefer rooms with higher rates.

Borsheims will not pitch an outdoor tent featuring live entertainment or a buffet at the Mall housing Berkshire’s jeweler. However, cocktails will be served.

The newspaper toss, where Buffett showed skills as a paperboy, was a favorite shareholder choice and has since been scrapped.

Armstrong, like many others, plans to watch the meeting online at Berkshire first webcast meetings in 2016.

The weekend should nonetheless add millions to Berkshire’s bank accounts.

Stockholders have the option to purchase a pontoonboat from Berkshire’s Forest River Unit. The boat was designed by Jimmy Buffett (“Margaritaville”), but there is no relation.

Oriental Trading will once again allow you to buy cherubic Buffett or Munger rubber ducks for $5. Even those who aren’t on a diet will be able to enjoy the peanut brittle, which weighs in at 21,085 pounds (9.5564 kilograms), and many other sweets that Sees Candies has brought.

Deborah Ward is the executive director at Visit Omaha. She stated that “the energy was lost in the city” after Berkshire moved their 2020 and 2021 shareholder meetings online.

She said, “It’ll be great to get that energy back.” Omaha benefits greatly from being associated with Berkshire. Warren Buffett could be anywhere. He prefers to be here.”


David Brown, the Greater Omaha Chamber’s 19-year leader, will retire next week. Many businesses are not associated with Berkshire and schedule events during the weekend.

He stated, “Berkshire is for us the annual Super Bowl” of business. They’re filling up restaurants, bars and shops. The lift that it provides is tangible.

Marta Keller (general manager) of downtown M’s Pub said that many Berkshire residents book one year in advance. M’s Pub creates a menu especially for customers.

There will be a tenderloin and a ribeye. Keller stated that Nebraska is all about beef. We keep things simple but try to make it more creative, because food is so costly.

Buffett has given the Bookworm his seal of approval for all books.

New for this year is Nancy Rips’ revised “My New Berkshire ABC,” for children, (Ais for Apple (NASDAQ):), which represents a large Berkshire investment. Also new for this year is a book that traces Berkshire’s history from a failed textile mill that Buffett eventually closed in 1985.

Black explained that “Mr. Buffett loves to educate shareholders.” It will demonstrate how Buffett invested his capital in something that wasn’t worth it and redirected the money to be more productive.

Karen Goracke, chief executive of Borsheims Jewelers, said that the jeweler is able to sell as many items during the week than in Christmas. Together with other Berkshire business CEOs, they will be dining together again this weekend.

Goracke said that Warren was there about a week before. “He is in great spirits and was just thrilled to meet in person. He loves to do it. This is what keeps him energized.