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Flamingo NFT relaunch its collection on Solana and with new rewards, including Tesla cars -Breaking


© Reuters. Flamingo NFT has relaunched its Solana Collection with new rewards including Tesla cars

Flamingo NFT Project relaunches NFT Collection on The minting process should be quicker and more efficient. Buyers will also receive new rewards. NFT holders can participate in the new lottery results, which will be announced on April 26th. There are many prizes available, including iPhones and Tesla (NASDAQ.) cars.

The NFT Project is an excellent start-up that allows users to make passive income by partnering with companies such as Yahoo and Market Watch. The company recently launched 11111 hand-drawn NFTs, which are generated using over 300+ traits. This increases their rarity. Demand and excitement are driven by rarity.

Flamingo will relaunch their collection this year, using Solana to mint. The price of one NFT for this collection will remain the same, but minting is still available. Although the rewards may be more substantial, this collection will cost a little bit more. To all NFT holders, the company will offer 11 Tesla Model 3 vehicles, 111x $11111 rewards and 1111x £111 rewards as well as 1111 iPhones 13 pro Max. The results are to be announced on their socials and viá the website on the 26th of April. Keep this date in mind.

Flamingo NFT Gaming: The passive income revolution

Passive income can be defined as income that is earned and maintained with minimal effort. NFTs provide this ability in many ways. Renting out NFTs can be very profitable. You can also earn passive income by investing in projects where the users get to benefit from the successes of the project, such as distributing the funds. Flamingo is an example of such a project. While the odds favor the house in all of their games, they do have a slight edge on some. Therefore, the house always wins. Flamingo users will make money on the house profit (50% will go to distribution).

You can also have fun.

The company’s vision goes beyond being just a virtual gaming business. Flamingo will partner with the oldest Las Vegas casino to create gaming venues. A sports center with a hockey team, entertainment centers, horse racing in Sandbox, as well as golf courses are all in the plans. The project is headed by two experienced leaders in the industry: David Aaronson (a lawyer and vice-president of large financial companies) and Waldo Lorenzo (a casino manager).

David Aarson, the company founder stated that their mission is: “to help crypto enthusiasts to earn from the most profitable industry – the gaming industry. With the Metaverse and other emerging technologies, users and business can now connect easily and efficiently thanks to each other. Our project will attract investors and users can earn money from just holding their NFTs”.

The Flamingo Project is not only building physical infrastructure, but it also works to maintain its position in the Metaverse. The Flamingo project is planning to purchase a parcel of Sandbox land, the virtual world that has 2 million users. It continues to grow.

Flamingo allows you to become a part in something new and exciting. The collection relaunch is currently underway, so make sure to go on Opensea and see what’s out there. Flamingo NFT Holders: Sign up today.

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