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Kava (KAVA): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community
  • Kava, a Cosmos-based Project, is very popular because it lets developers build upon its network.
  • Kava (KAVA), a notable performer in bearish crypto markets, has maintained a weekly gain 20%.
  • Kava’s Mainnet launch is only days away, which will bring together Cosmos and Ethereum co-chains onto a single network.
  • Kava Mainnet is scheduled to be launched May 10. It will facilitate seamless interoperability between the co-chains.

Kava is a small but fast-growing blockchain network that has become popular for its unique “one network, two chains” approach to decentralized finance (DeFi). Kava is a combination of the strengths of Cosmos and Ethereum blockchains.

Kava is a Kava-based platform that supports Ethereum. Tendermint’s consensus engine, Kava, binds them. How has Kava fared in recent years?

Latest Developments

Kava and Governor DAO have announced a partnership to advance blockchain technology. Governor DAO’s Proof of Existence (PoE Suite) will be deployed on Kava as part of this partnership.

With PoE enabled on the network, all projects on the Kava network can deploy a “human gate” against bots and whales. This also guarantees Sybil resistance to any smart contract call or web3 interaction.

Governor DAO said that Sybil resistance will enable projects within the Kava ecosystem to offer NFT mints or airdrops, token launches and democratic governance voting.

BTCS Inc. is a company that specializes in blockchain technology and has announced Kava’s inclusion to its infrastructure operations. BTCS plans to integrate Kava once its staking-as a service platform is launched.

In February, Kava Network launched the Pioneer program to help drive its rapid growth. It has been a huge success. Moonframe Finance has signed up Moonframe Finance, Koge Farm and Mushrooms Finance as Pioneers. This will allow them to support Kava’s mainnet launch.

Future Events

Its mainnet launch is one of the most awaited Kava events. This will happen May 10. Kava, although it is cross-chain, operates on Cosmos’ blockchain. It was first launched in 2019.

Kava’s development is progressing and it looks like they are ready to move on to the next stage. Kava explained that the Kava 10 mainnet upgrade will be the beginning of a bright future and a network with unlimited potential.

The Cosmos Co-Chain’s Kava blockchain will now be called the Cosmos Co-Chain. Additionally, the Kava Team is developing an Ethereum Co-Chain. It will be launched with the Kava10 mainnet upgrade in May.

Kava has confirmed that the Ethereum Coin BETA Block Time is 6.4 seconds with 749K block already created. The expectations for the launch of Kava’s mainnet have been raised further.

Kava claims that the Co-Chains can interoperate with each other seamlessly. This architecture allows developers to add to either of these chains without losing access to users or assets.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Kava’s Ethereum and Cosmos co-chains, the project has launched a $250k giveaway. You can sign up to the sweepstakes by clicking here.

Prices Updates

Kava (KAVA), the crypto market’s green man, has emerged as the bright spot in a turbulent sea of red. While the wider crypto market is still trying to rebound from the losses of the past week, KAVA has maintained gains up to 20%.

A seven-day chart showing the price of Kava (KAVA) Source: Tradingview

Kava has reached a 90 day high of $5.64 thanks to the rally. The rally saw Kava’s market capital surpass $1 billion for just a moment, much to the joy of the community.

KAVA trades at $5.32 and is 2% higher than the previous 24 hours. Kava, which has a market capitalization of $962million, is now the 81st most valuable crypto.

Here is the Kava price chart (KAVA) for 24 hours. Source: Tradingview

To The Flipside

  • Despite recent strength, KAVA is unable recover from the September 2021 highs.
  • KAVA is currently trading at $42%, 42% more than when it traded at $9.19 in September.


Once a little-known project, Kava’s performance has caught the attention of many, causing its community to increase. TradesIndustry’s founder, Professor Asterones called KAVA among the most attractive charts. He wrote

Another user, @CryptostoMoon, impressed by Kava’s ability to retain its gains in a bullish market, wrote;

It appears that Dr. Satoshi is also looking forward to the Kava mainnet launch. Twitter:

What You Need to Care About

Kava combines Ethereum’s flexibility and speed with the interoperability of the Cosmos SDK to create one of the most fascinating chains. Kava’s unique features have led investors to believe that Kava may become the default network for many developers.

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