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Global Fund for Women CEO on her biggest lessons


Latanya Mapping Frett is the CEO and President of The Global Fund for Women. She shares with CNBC her most memorable career moment on “My Biggest Lessons”.

Latanya Mapping Frett is a former executive at the Global Fund for Women and Planned Parenthood Global. You would be mistaken to think that she knows her way around the business.

It is easy to admit that you have already accomplished this at some time in your professional life. This is something I already know. Mapp Frett stated that she has tried it before and failed.

Mapp Frett says this is a dangerous outlook that could make experience into a handicap and cause leaders to miss opportunities.

“What is important to me, you must always keep in learning mode. You should always remain open to new ideas,” she stated. Even if it’s something you have done before, it’s possible to make it again for another person… in an entirely different setting or geography. 

It is one of five lessons Latanya Mapp Frett taught CNBC. The other lessons can be found in the video.