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Supreme Court says Boston should have allowed Christian flag on city property


He holds what he refers to as the “Christian Flag” flag. On August 22, 2020, right-wing Patriot Prayer and Right-wing Proud Boy adherents, as well as other extremist armed allies, demonstrated at Portland’s Justice Center.

John Rudoff | AP

Monday’s unanimous ruling by the Supreme Court found that Boston had violated the Constitution in refusing to display a clearly Christian flag from outside of city hall.

Court ruled that because the city had permitted other citizens to use flagpole for a range of messages, the court’s rejection of cross-bearing flag was in violation of free speech rights.

Justice Stephen Breyer stated that Boston’s flag-raising programs do not represent government speech. The court’s opinion reversed an earlier court’s decision.

This dispute was centered on whether flags flown in support of the city’s city hall program represented the government or citizens were allowed to display their opinions.

Boston allowed flags of many colors to fly on three flagpoles at the city’s exterior since 2005. The city had not denied any requests — until 2017, when the director of a group called Camp Constitution asked to fly a flag honoring the “contributions of the Christian community.”

Blue-and-white is adorned with a red cross bearing the Christian Cross. The flag was rejected by the city commissioner because it could be considered a violation of the Constitution’s ban on the government establishing religion.

Federal district courts and federal appeals courts sided with Boston. They ruled that flags flying from the city hall flagpole were government speech.

Breyer stated that the high court looked into “the extent Boston controlled flag-raisings and the message they sent”.

Breyer explained, “The truth, it seems is not at any,” This is what I think the case has most to offer.

Breyer gave his opinion less than one week after the justice aged 83 participated in his final round. before his retirement this summer. Breyer is one of the three liberals sitting on the bench’s nine-seat benches. set to be replacedKetanji Brown, the first Black woman appointed to the Supreme Court.

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