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Blockchain games take on the mainstream: Here’s how they can win

With gaming now being one of the largest segments of entertainment, the U.S. consumer spend is expected to grow 8% by 2021 and reach $60.4 billion. The games industry generated $180.3 billion worldwide in 2021. This is an increase of 1.4%.

There is also the highly-popular play-to-earn, blockchain-based gaming segment. These games are growing faster than they were two years ago due to their virtual halt. Are blockchain games good enough for mainstream titles?

Blockchain games can compete with traditional titles in terms of gameplay and appeal.
Gachapon was one of Lepricons earliest games. The gachapon machines give players mysterious NFTs.

The future is here for traditional gamers

Lepricons Street Food Pinball. In development is a hypercasual, free-to-play platform that allows you to earn by playing and offers games such as pinball.

On gaming

Cointelligence Funds invests in Decimated. It is a survival game.
Moonray, an action-RPG Blockchain game was also funded by Cointelligence Fund.

These are generally good.

The YGG Managers Cup is an esports event.
A YGG League stream of Kingdoms.

Blockchain and traditional gaming collide

The Female Nordic is from Alien Worlds.
Blockchain Brawlers is the original P2E game created by WAX Studios.
Time Raiders for Utopian Games
Metaxy will let players earn native tokens in the new game.
Bunker Budz is a P2E-game developed by PlayEmber.

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