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Karine Jean-Pierre named first Black White House press secretary -Breaking


© Reuters. After being named President Joe Biden’s next White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre addresses the press after she was introduced at the White House, Washington, U.S.A, on May 5, 2022. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Jeff Mason and Nandita Bose

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) -President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he had chosen Karine Jean-Pierre as White House Press Secretary. He succeeds Jen Psaki. This makes him the first openly homosexual and Black person to act in the role of public face for a U.S. government.

Psaki, who resigned on May 13th, had stated in Biden’s early days that she intended to remain for about one year.

Jean-Pierre was the deputy press secretary for Biden since his first term. As chief public affairs officer of, an progressive advocacy group, she worked with Biden on the 2020 campaign.

Biden pledged to nominate top cabinet members, judges, and officials who represent America’s diversity. White Americans make up just 60% of America but hold the highest government positions.

He said that Karine “not only has the talent, experience and integrity required for this challenging job but she will also continue to lead in communicating the work of Biden-Harris administration on behalf of American citizens.”

Press secretary is the most prominent public-facing job at the White House.

Jean-Pierre made a short appearance at the White House Press Room, declaring that “This is an historic moment” “It’s an honour and a privilege being behind this podium.”

Dee Dee Meyers was the first female to hold the position in the 1990s during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Biden named Psaki after turbulent relations between the Republican ex-President Donald Trump and the media.

Biden acknowledged that Jen Psaki had set the standard for returning dignity, respect and decency to the White House Briefing Room. He thanked her for raising the bar and communicating directly to Americans and maintaining her sense of humor.

Psaki’s confident and direct delivery at the White House is what makes her a popular choice. Jean-Pierre, who was chief of staff for Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris in 2020, has tended to stick closely to talking points during her press appearances as Psaki’s deputy.

Psaki claimed that Biden had offered Jean-Pierre his job at an Oval Office meeting Thursday afternoon.

Psaki explained that Psaki comes to her job having decades of experience. Even though she is young, Psaki added that Psaki will be a voice for many others and help them see the possibilities when they work hard and have big dreams.