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JetBlue Airways at a crossroads after Spirit rejects its takeover offer


JetBlue’s plane lands at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in taxi mode, passing by a Spirit Airlines aircraft on Monday 25 April 2022. (Joe Cavaretta/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Joe Cavaretta | Sun Sentinel | Getty Images

JetBlue AirwaysAt a crossroads of a quarter century.

First flight of the airline was from New York City to Fort Lauderdale on February 2, 2000. JetBlue executive again made surprise offers to South Florida, twenty-two year later. Spirit Airlines. Although the first flight was a success it was unsuccessful for the second.

JetBlue was rejected by Spirit Monday $3.6 billion all-cash offerIt stated that it would continue to work with the merger agreement with another ultra-low cost carrier Frontier AirlinesA February agreement valued at $2.9 Billion was struck. Spirit stock declined more than 9% Monday after it announced it was turning down the JetBlue offer in favor of the Frontier deal, while JetBlue’s rose slightly while JetBlue’s rose more than 2%.

Spirit from Miramar in Florida turned down the offer. Spirit stated that it had concerns about regulation and doubted JetBlue would approve a JetBlue acquisition. JetBlue’s Northeast partnership was also a factor in Spirit’s decision to turn down the offer. American AirlinesThe Justice Department filed a lawsuit to stop it last year. In its lawsuit, the DOJ claimed that this would increase fares and harm competition. It specifically mentioned JetBlue’s importance.

JetBlue announced that it would sell Spirit assets in New York, Boston, and some in Florida as part of a revised offering. But, JetBlue did not say no. Spirit CEO Ted Christie spoke during the airline’s first-quarter call ThursdayHe said that he “wondered whether blocking our Frontier deal is actually their goal.”

JetBlue Airways is at an important turning point after Spirit’s rejection. JetBlue is now 24 years old, almost exactly 24 years since its incorporation. grown from a quirky leisure airlineBased in New York City, the airline offers one service class to the sixth-largest U.S. carrier with over 100 destinations between Los Angeles and Lima (Peru).

JetBlue has stood out from its competitors for its low fares, passenger amenities, and seatback screens. It also offers satellite TV and, later on, Wi-Fi. Even better, it has more legroom to rivals. Its latest venture – service to London – aims to capture rivals’ high-paying passengers with its Mint business-class suites.

JetBlue shares fell more than 43% during the past 12 months as Thursday’s closing. The drop is below a 29% decrease in the NYSE Arca Airline Index that tracks 18 predominantly U.S.-based airlines. In the same period, there was a drop in shares of JetBlue by more than 43%. S&P 500This is a 1.3% reduction

Combining this with Spirit’s refusal to accept the board’s recommendation, Robin Hayes and his management team are under increasing pressure to both grow JetBlue and provide reliability.

JetBlue was ranked as the last U.S. carrier for punctuality in February, posting a 62% average on-time arrivals rate, against a 17 airline average of 77%. According to Department of Transportation

Spirit was also affected by severe weather in Florida during April. Southwest Airlines, American AirlinesOther.

“I believe they can fix their own problems. “They need leaders who are capable of managing a larger and more complicated airline,” stated Mark Ahasic. He was an aviation consultant and worked for JetBlue between 2000 and 2006. His roles included director of operations planning and manager corporate planning. It’s no longer the startup JetBlue. It’s an evolution carrier.”

JetBlue executive said that Spirit would have helped JetBlue grow, giving Spirit access to Spirit’s more than 170 Airbus airplanes. It also has over 2,000 Pilots. At a time of pilot shortages and attrition making it difficult for JetBlue to expand its fleet.

JetBlue faces a number of issues internally. These include improving reliability and relationships with crews. Crews have reported complaining about the grueling schedules that have been imposed by the pandemic. Staff at Southwest Airlines and American also have similar complaints. JetBlue already took steps to cut its schedule by 10% in the summer, so there is more room for interruptions.

There has been some room for error, but not always to its highest boss.

JetBlue’s CEO David Neeleman was forced to resign after a February 2007 meltdown that left thousands without services. (Neeleman is now the CEO of upstart airline Breeze Airways. Jamie Baker, JPMorgan’s airline analyst noted this precedent after JetBlue’s operational issues during an earnings call on April 26, the week prior to Spirit rejecting JetBlue’s offer.

Baker explained that while JetBlue’s Board structure is not the same today, Baker noted that there has been precedent for high-ranking executives being dismissed when operations suffer.

JetBlue and others have been forced to travel through bad weather in Florida. Federal Aviation Administration said WednesdayAfter a meeting between airlines and the state, it has decided to “immediately add personnel to its main air traffic control centre.”

Hayes, on the April earnings conference, stated, “We cannot control weather. But we can attempt to control all enough. And that’s exactly what we’re setting out to do.” But the number one priority for me, for the leadership team and for Board right now is restoring our operational performance because that’s how we can recover margins. “But the No.

JetBlue states that it will work to improve its operations and regain profitability. It says for now that Spirit is still a possibility.

In a letter dated April 29, Hayes addressed a letter to Ted Christie and H. McIntyre Gardner, the CEO of Spirit.

JetBlue spokesmen declined to provide further details, but it is possible that Spirit Airlines could lose a battle for control through a tender offer or proxy war..

JetBlue’s attempt to acquire Spirit wasn’t the first time it tried. It failed to win Alaska AirlinesIn 2016, Virgin America was acquired by JetBlue (another mid-size airline).

JetBlue is not indicating that they are open to this. acquiring or combining with a different carrierMore than Spirit. CNBC spoke with Alaska CEO Ben Minicucci in March. He said that his airline wants to grow organically, and that it is not possible for him to do a mix. CNBC received Tuesday’s statement from an Alaska representative that Minicucci’s plan stands.

Emilie Feldman is a Wharton School management professor. “Many times, companies will make acquisitions in order to save money.” Sometimes it is better to leave the acquisition alone and start your business.

Ahasic stated that JetBlue offers “more fundamental fish to fry.”