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Karine Jean-Pierre’s advice for young people: Follow your passion


Karine Jean Pierre’s nomination as the first Black woman and openly gay personTo become White House press secretary is a major stride in representation — and she knows it.

It is a highly visible job, the role of press secretary. Jean-Pierre (44 years old) will speak every day on behalf of President Joe Biden to journalists, American citizens, and the rest of the world. The duration of a Thursday press briefingJean-Pierre was reflecting on the advice she gives college students to get from her to “How did I get here?”

She gave the following advice to young adults: Follow your passion. Follow your passion.  Keep that in mind, it is important.

It is possible to achieve your dreams if one has a passion for what they want or how to get there. Yes, it will be hard and there will be times when you are down.  While it may not be easy at times, the rewards can be quite amazing if you remain true to yourself.

Jean-Pierre is currently White House principal deputy press secretary. She will begin her new position on May 13. Since a long time, she’s been active in politics: In 2003 she earned a master’s degree in public affairs from Columbia University. She then decided to get into politics. Following graduation, she was employed by the New York City Council. Later, she joined John Edwards’ presidential campaign in 2008.

Jean-Pierre worked as the principal deputy press secretary before being promoted to Vice President Kamala Harris’ chief staff. Jean-Pierre is familiar with the White House. She worked under President Barack Obama there and was a long-term advisor to Biden as vice president.

She’s also a lecturer in international and public affairs at Columbia University, and has previously spoken with young people about the challenges of working in politics under the Trump administration — particularly as a Black woman and daughter of Haitian immigrants.

In a 2018 speech at the University of Michigan, Jean-Pierre urged young people to become politically active and take a stand against leaders who support policies that harm marginalized communities.

“I’m a Haitian American. She said that she had an idea of the topics she wanted to discuss with her. The Michigan Daily. “But, then, on Thursday, President Donald Trump called the Land of My Ancestors, The Land of My Heritage, The Land of My Parents, an S-hole.

“If you’re like me,” she continuedYou said, “And you are tired of racism, tired by the immigrant bashing and tired of homophobia. Tired of the robbery to the working class for the wealthy, tired that there has been no progress on climate change or police brutality, or any other issue, I hope you agree with me.

During her remarks on Thursday, Jean-Pierre encouraged young people to remember the people who support them during the tough times — acknowledging the efforts of trailblazers who came before her. She said, “This historic moment is not lost on me.” “I am aware of how crucial it is to so many people out here, in so many different community, and that’s why I stand by them, just as I have throughout my career.”

Jean-Pierre thanked Jen Psaki as her former press secretary. Jean-Pierre said that Jen was a “wonderful colleague, friend and mentor” during her tenure.

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