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40 percent of America’s baby formula supplies are out of stock


An Orlando Walmart supermarket has a baby formula shelf. Some chains have had to reduce customer purchase because they couldn’t stock enough of baby formula in their stores across America.

Paul Hennessy, Lightrocket | Lightrocket | Getty Images

According to data from an independent retail tracking company, America’s shortage of baby formula seems to have no solution.

Datasembly reported that on April 24, the U.S. saw a 40 percent increase in baby formula stocks. It’s an increase from the 29 percent recorded in March.

Datasembly CEO Ben Reich stated Monday that “Unfortunately” there is no sign of a slowing down. The category continues to suffer from volatility due to supply chain problems, inflation, product recalls and shortages.

This year’s shutdown at a Michigan production plant was a major factor in the shortages. Following reports that contaminated formula was responsible for the deaths at least 2 infants, the FDA and CDC investigated the Abbott Nutrition plant.

In a statement, Brian Dittmeier (senior director of public policy, National WIC Association), a group advocating for mothers, infants, and children said that formula shortages can be particularly dangerous.

“Unlike other food recalls, shortages in the infant formula supply affects a major — or even exclusive — source of nutrition for babies,” he said. Inadequate nutrition can have serious long-term consequences for infants’ health.

The states seeing the worst shortages include Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota — all with out-of-stock rates of about 50 percent. In total, 26 states are experiencing out-of-stock rates of between 40-50 percent.

San Antonio now has a rate out of stock that is 57 per cent, compared to Memphis, Nashville and Des Moines, which are 52 and 50 respectively.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is calling upon the FDA to act and on the Biden Administration.

Abbott spokeswoman did not return a request to comment. Abbott has not publicly updated their website about the investigation. since April 15.

CVS representatives confirmed that the stores were open. currently limiting customers to three baby formula products per purchase. Target representatives stated that they have some limitations on online orders, but no restrictions at its stores in person.

Walgreens, Walmart, Publix and Walmart representatives did not respond immediately to our requests for comment.