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Cable companies to offer effectively free internet to low-income homes


Kamala Harris is Vice President during an event regarding high-speed internet access.

Kent Nishimura | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

According to the White House, the Biden administration claimed it had secured 20 commitments from internet service providers in order to reduce or speed up speeds for low-income households. press releasePublished Monday.

The White House announced that the news meant that many millions could get high-speed internet for free. A Congress-approved Affordable Connectivity Program can provide $30 per month to low income households that are eligible. ACP residents can enjoy internet service for absolutely free, as the White House committed to 20 ISPs offering high-speed internet plans at no higher than this amount.

According to the White House, these commitments are made by companies that include AT&T, VerizonAnd ComcastCNBCUniversal, the parent company. Participating ISPs offer high speed internet to more than 80% and 50% respectively of America’s rural areas.

This commitment ensures that these providers can offer high-speed Internet to eligible families for as low as $30 per monthly. The White House recommends that a high speed plan offer download speeds at least 100 Megabits per Second wherever an ISP is available.

According to the White House, Verizon’s Fios cost was reduced from $39.99 to $30 per monthly to provide upload and download speeds at minimum 200 Megabits per seconds. It added that Spectrum increased the download speed of its $30 monthly plan by 50 Megabits per second for ACP members., which was launched by the Obama administration, provides information to consumers about how to register for ACP or find local providers that are part of it. They also plan to contact qualifying households using other federal aid programs such as Medicaid and Pell Grants.

Disclosure: Comcast is the parent company of CNBC, NBCUniversal.

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