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American rapper Young Thug arrested on gang-related charges -Breaking


(Reuters) – Police arrested Young Thug in Atlanta, where he won a Grammy in 2019 for co-writing “This Is America”, on Monday. He was charged with participation in criminal street gang activities, according to police records.

According to Fulton County records, Jeffery Lamar Williams was the hip-hop artist.

Williams representatives could not be reached for comment.

Williams’ albums include “So Much Fun”, and “Punk”, which both topped Billboard 200 charts in 2021. His rap single “The London” earned him a Grammy nomination in 2020.

According to the New York Times, Williams was indicted by a grand jury. The indictment identified Williams and 27 others as being part of the same street gang. They were also charged with attempted armed robbery and murder.

Fani Wilis, Fulton County District attorney, is known for her investigation into whether ex-President Donald Trump sought to infiltrate the state’s 2020 election handling. Fani won’t immediately reply to my request.

Willis identified gangs in Fulton County as a major problem.

“I’d say 80% at minimum and probably more like 90% of all of the violence that we are seeing is stemming from the gang problem,” Willis told an ABC-affiliated TV network last week.