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Decentralization is helping to shape the course of scientific research and business -Breaking


The course of business and scientific research can be influenced by decentralization

Although new technologies have the potential to make a huge impact on society in a short time, they can also be spread slow and slowly. After years of development, blockchain-powered Decentralized Science (DeSci), is finally taking flight. Not only is it being noticed in other places, but also within the blockchain itself. The rarefied confines of high tech labsBut also in business.

Paul Kohlhaas, co-founder and CEO of Molecule — a platform for biotech decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) founded in 2019 — spokeZima Red hosted an April episode of the Zima Red podcast that discussed pharmaceutical research funding. “We believe it could be way cheaper, if it was coordinated in a better way,” Kohlhaas said of pharmaceuticals research. “I think there’s this cultural and bureaucratic problem.”