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Airbnb just did its biggest redesign in a decade ⁠— here’s what’s new


AirbnbThe CEO Brian Chesky referred to it as the “biggest change to Airbnb in 10 years.”

The new features were announced at the virtual summer event. They include an easier way to search and the ability to split your stay between two homes. There are also additional protections for guests. On Wednesday, the updated app will be available in the U.S. and worldwide this week ahead of busy summer travel season.

The following is a description of the product: earnings reportAirbnb released an optimistic forecast earlier in the month for the second quarter. It stated that nights booked and experience levels had surpassed those of pre-pandemic.

Here’s what’s new:

Categories of Airbnb

Airbnb will soon offer a search feature that makes it simple for customers to locate homes in areas they have never thought of searching for.

Users will be presented 56 categories when they open the platform. These are organized according to their travel style, proximity or location. The results of a search for a specific place are organized according to their relevance.

The styles categories include “amazing view” to “earth houses”. These categories cover places like vineyards and national parks, while activities include camping and golfing.

Airbnb Categories helps travelers discover unique places by organizing their homes according to what is special about them. The company released a statement saying that this can reduce overtourism and allow travel to be redirected to other locations than the most popular.

These types of experiences have attracted the attention of Airbnb. The company stated that the amount of night booked by Airbnb for summer travel to exclusive homes in 2022 increased by 80%, compared with 2019.


Airbnb will now offer AirCover travel insurance to its guests. Prior to this, protection was limited to travelers. available for hostsYou can also cover liability and damages. All bookings include this service and it is completely free.

New update includes a cancellation guarantee. The host must cancel a booking no later than 30 days before check-in. If the host does not respond, the company will either find another home, or offer a refund. This update will include a checkin guarantee. The host must resolve any issues that the customer has with the home.

If listings are not advertised as such, users will have three days to notify the listing administrator. If there is a shortage of bedrooms listed on Airbnb, customers can notify the company and they will either be moved to another listing or reimbursed. Airbnb has also added a safety line that is available 24 hours a day in 16 languages to help customers.

AirCover was integrated into the website and Airbnb app. This makes it quick and easy to get in touch with an agent, and quickly resolve any problems. The company stated that they have created an agent team with specially-trained agents to provide last-minute assistance in rebooking.

Stay Split

Split stays was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the growing trend towards remote work that has led to people staying longer in their destinations. Airbnb allows you to divide your trip between 2 homes.

According to the company, split stays will appear automatically in search results for certain destinations as well as 14 categories including skiing and national parks. This is in order to let users know that they have two options for longer trips.

Airbnb stated in its release that Split Stays could suggest homes nearby Zion National Park or Grand Canyon when you browse the National Parks Category.

A user can view split stays by drawing an animated line connecting the two properties to visually show their distances and the order of the stays. When people make a booking, the interface allows them to create each one individually.