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Terra founder Do Kwon shares plan to save the UST stablecoin peg -Breaking


Do Kwon is Terra’s founder and plans to save UST stablecoin.

Do Kwon will not concede defeat as Terraform Labs’ CEO. After waiting 18 hours for his coins to be delivered, Do Kwon (CEO of Terraform Labs) finally admitted defeat.LUNATerraUSD (UST), and? endured a face-ripping freefall, Do Kwon has announced his “rescue plan” for the Terra community.

Terra is down 90% from its all-time highs, while the “stablecoin” UST is 75% less than the dollar parity. But have no fear, cocky Kwon has planned “several remedial measures,” to rescue the billions wiped off the total Terraform Labs market cap.

TerraUST is unable to pay less than $0.50 Source: TradingView