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Travelers’ airline satisfaction is down as planes fill up and fares rise: J.D. Power survey


On Monday, January 3, 2022, travelers waited in line at Newark Liberty International Airport EWR in Newark.

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Pack planesJ.D. reports that customers are less satisfied when they fly with more expensive airlines than in the last decade. Published Wednesday: Power survey

Michael Taylor, J.D.’s travel intelligence leader said that customer satisfaction with North American airlines rose to unimaginable heights over the past two-years. “All of the wrong reasons,” he stated. Power is included in the North American airline report. A smaller number of passengers equals more flight space, less wait time and better attention from the flight attendants. However, this business model wasn’t sustainable.

Following a lengthy pandemic collapse, the demand for air travel has increased as have fares.

Domestic airfares to the United States were at their lowest point in March 20% higher than 2019Adobe Analytics reports that Covid cases have dropped, and cities have lifted restrictions on indoor eating and concert activities due to pandemics. Adobe Analytics reports that ticket prices have increased faster than bookings.

But customer satisfaction dropped among travelers across all the ticket classes — coach, premium economy and first or business class — according to the survey, which was based on responses from 7,004 passengers from March 2021 through March 2022. Taylor stated that it was the first annual decline in passenger satisfaction since 2012’s survey.

JetBlue AirwaysIt ranked first and second among North American carriers in business-class service, respectively. Southwest AirlinesFinished first in economy and basic economies.

Below is a comparison of how carriers performed and the score they earned out of 1000:

Business/First Class

  1. JetBlue Airways (878)
  2. Alaska Airlines (876)
  3. Delta Air Lines (862)
  4. Air Canada (832)
  5. United Airlines (822)
  6. American Airlines (814).

Economy/Basic Economy

  1. Southwest Airlines (849)
  2. JetBlue Airways (828).
  3. Delta Air Lines (813)
  4. Allegiant Air (803)
  5. Alaska Airlines (794)
  6. Air Canada (777)
  7. United Airlines (774)
  8. Spirit Airlines (772)
  9. American Airlines (770).
  10. Frontier Airlines (755)
  11. WestJet (751