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Former U.S. mafia member will share his story on UK tour -Breaking


© Reuters. Michael Franzese (a former member in the Colombo criminal family, now a motivational speaker) poses for photographs during an interview, May 11, 2022, London. REUTERS/Marie-Louise Gumuchian

LONDON, (Reuters) – Michael Franzese used to be a senior member of the Italian-American Colombo criminal family. He left the mafia almost 30 years ago.

Franzese, who has been trying to discourage young people from joining organized crime, has taken up a new job as motivational speaker and author, commentator, and author.

Franzese said in an interview that she went into juvenile halls and spoke to youth all the time. She also explained to Reuters what being on the streets means and the future.

People, particularly on the streets, see Cosa Nostra mafia the greatest gang so they listen when I talk. They trust me and that is important. Over the last 25 years, I believe I have had a huge impact on a lot young people.

Franzese was born in New York and is currently bringing his stories about the past and his reform life to Britain. Tickets go on sale July 2nd.

He said that he would talk about “An Evening With Michael Franzese: The Real Goodfella” and that there are “some things I will discuss that I haven’t talked about before.”

Franzese quit university following the 1967 bank robbery conviction of his father John “Sonny”, Colombo’s Underboss. Franzese was a caporegime or captain and became involved in various deals, including an extensive gasoline bootlegging scheme.

While he admitted that leaving the mafia was difficult, he stated that he is now happy to have done it.

Franzese was convicted of racketeering and spent time in prison in 1990s.

“I want to be remembered as someone who did the right thing even after having done the wrong thing for a while.”