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NFTs Are Revolutionizing the Music and Entertainment Industry -Breaking


© Reuters. The Music and Entertainment Industry is being revolutionized by NFTs
  • CRO and Bausa are German rap superstars. His label Two Sides also invested in NFT platform FUEL.
  • Without any prior knowledge or experience, creators are able to manage and run their NFT shop.
  • NFT Drops with well-known creators already are in development.

CRO and Bausa are German rap superstars who have also invested with their label Two Sides in the NFT platform FUEL.

This news follows FUEL’s pre-seen financing round in March to develop its platform, which enables creators to build, manage and operate their very own NFT store without any prior knowledge on how to do so. OpenSea and other platforms allow creators full control over the external presentation of their store.

FUEL, thanks to its new investors now has complete access the entertainment and music industry. CRO has several number one single placements, and it is listened by over 5 million Spotify users every month (NYSE:).

Others well-known individuals who have invested in FUEL include Michale Pennington (Gumtree cofounder) and David Osojnik (Bitcamp CEO), to name a few.

FUEL co-founders Csongor Barasi and Thanh Binh Tran believe that NFTs will be great for the music industry as they stated that “NFTs are revolutionizing the music, arts and entertainment industries, delivering real added value and strengthening the connection between artists and their fans.”

Two Sides label boss, Buasa added to this when he said, “it is important that the music industry evolves. With NFTs and FUEL’s model, we have the chance to make that happen.”

Csongor Babasi, Thanh Binh and Thanh Binh created FUEL Berlin in 2021. Patrice Deckert, Stefan Tieze, and Patrice Tieze are aiming to make NFTs mainstream. It will allow them to be more easily accessible by millions of creators, as well their fans.

In other news, NFT drops with other very well-known creators like Tube&Berger are already in the works. Meanwhile, OpenSea’s top NFTs list still features Otherdeed for Otherside at the first spot.

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