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Prices for NFL tickets are topping pre-Covid levels, secondary market vendor says


After their regular season matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs (12 and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15), at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (Florida) on November 29, 2020, Tom Brady (12 of Buccaneers) shakes hands.

Cliff Welch | Icon Sportswire | Getty Images

Tickets for the upcoming NFL season are selling at a lower average price on secondary market platform SeatGeek out of the gate than they were a year ago, the company said, but they’re still higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Following the publication of Thursday’s NFL schedule, ticket prices were on average $307 Particularly popular were marquee matches, like Patrick Mahomes (star quarterback) taking on Tom Brady (NFL legend), from the Kansas City Chiefs.

This price has fallen from the $411 average out of the gate last year but is still higher than the $305 average in 2020 when there were fewer games due to Covid. In 2019, the average was $258. As demand changes, ticket prices can fluctuate during the NFL season.

High ticket prices indicate that consumers are spending large on entertainment and sports, despite inflation at an all-time high of 40 years. Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel spoke Friday to CNBC’s “Squawk box” about the desire for “high-end experiences,” he said. He said that people want to experience life, and they are eager to be out. They desire to enjoy a small part of their lives.

CNBC’s Jack Groetzinger was interviewed by SeatGeek CEO Jack Groetzinger on Thursday. He predicted the “next few” years will see gangbuster year for live entertainment. 

SeatGeek said the Chiefs versus Bucs in Week 4 – featuring Mahomes and Brady –  is the top-selling game so far. This is a rematch from Super Bowl LV 2021 when the Chiefs beat the Buccaneers 31-9. In Friday’s opening round, the most costly seat was more than $3,000 

After appearing to be retiring this offseason, the legendary NFL quarterback announced in April that he would return. Brady will make the transition from NFL to TV when he finally chooses to quit. After signing a deal worth $300 million with Fox Sports, Brady will do so on television.

SeatGeek has ranked the top five most popular teams in SeatGeek’s weekend lineup as the Dallas Cowboys and Bills, the Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Vivid Seats, a rival ticketing company, said that tickets for Russell Wilson’s September 12 return to Seattle saw the highest demand. The average ticket price for this match was $451. In March, Seahawks gave up their veteran quarterback and traded him to the Broncos. Vivid Seats projects that Wilson’s return to the Seahawks could make him the most sought-after ticket since 2019.

On Sept. 8, the NFL will begin its 18-week schedule. The Buffalo Bills visit the Super Bowl champ Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium. CNBC will also be broadcast the game on NBCUniversal’s parent network.