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Stock Market Bull Daniel Ives Introduces ‘Wedbush Tech Playbook’ -Breaking


© Reuters. Stock Market Bull Daniel Ives Introduces ‘Wedbush Tech Playbook’

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives, one of the most prominent tech bulls on the Street, has put together the Wedbush Tech Playbook, designed “to pick up the best disruptive tech names.”

Ives believes that today’s market has the most complicated macro background in over 100 years. However, Ives believes the selling of tech is just beginning and that better days lie ahead for winners.

“In a nutshell, this is not a Dot-com Bubble 2.0 in our opinion, its a massive over correction in a higher rate environment that will cause a bifurcated tech tape with clear HAVES and HAVE NOTS of tech. Are there the Pets.coms, Webvans, Worldcoms, or Global Crossings of 2022?” Sure there will be many tech and EV players that go away or consolidate, but we pick the winners from our vantage point,” Ives said in a client note.

Apple (NASDAQ :), Microsoft NASDAQ :, and Tesla (NASDAQ 🙂 are top picks for large-cap stocks. Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ;), Zscaler, Check Point (NASDAQ :), and others are the cybersecurity leaders.

Verint (NASDAQ) and Nice (NASDAQ), are part of the Value Tech with Strong End Markets Group. Progress Software (NASDAQ:). Lastly, the top EV brands to think about are Tesla, LiCycle, Xos, and Hyzon Motors.

“Our tech playbook list is combination of tech stalwarts, healthy exposed end market tech names, and value tech stocks to navigate this dark storm. Were we wrong? Yes! Yes, we’ve been wrong many times over the years just like everyone else in the market. HOWEVER, our strength over the decades has been handholding in the storms and picking the tech winners in times of panic which is why we wrote this piece for our clients in this scary market backdrop,” the analyst concluded.

By Senad Karaahmetovic