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Amazon’s Bezos criticizes Biden over inflation tweet


Jeff Bezos is the Amazon CEO. He speaks in Glasgow, Scotland (Britain), November 2, 2021.

Paul Ellis | Reuters

AmazonFounder Jeff BezosAt President Joe BidenA tweet on Friday that suggested taxing high-income corporations might bring down inflation was shared.

Biden had tweeted an earlier tweet: “You want lower inflation?” Let’s ensure that the richest corporations get their fair share.

Bezos was whose company has benefitedFrom tax credits and deductions. The tweet was retorted by the ex-CEO. He said: “The Disinformation Board should examine this tweet or perhaps they need to create a new Non Sequitur Board instead.” This refers to the Department of Homeland Security. Disinformation Governance Board. It is fine to talk about raising corp taxes. It is important to talk about how you can control inflation. It is a misdirection to try and mash them together.

He didn’t even call for it. Amazon specificallyBiden stated in the tweet that he has been there before. criticized the company’s tax history. Amazon didn’t pay any federal income taxes between 2017 and 2018.

Inflation has reached levels that have not been seen in many decades. This is affecting essential goods like food, and the Twitter spat. gas, food and housing. Federal Reserve officials responded to this problem by raising interest rates twice so far in the year. They have pledged to do more until inflation reaches 2%.

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