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DeFi transforming lending routes on the blockchain -Breaking

DeFi transforms lending routes using blockchain technology

The World of Decentralized financeThe inherently trusted operation of DeFi and ease of accessing capital are two reasons why (DeFi), is steadily expanding. The crypto ecosystem is growing. The industry has grown up to $2-trillionMarket capitalization is a measure of how many products or offerings are available. This has been possible because of the burgeoning innovations in blockchain technology.

Lending and borrowingWith DeFi’s emergence, cryptocurrency has made borrowing and lending an essential part of its ecosystem. The traditional financial system offers lending and borrowing as a core offering. Many people are familiarized with these terms, such mortgages and student loans.

Neeraj Khandelwal CoinDCX, an Indian crypto-exchange, is Neeraj’s co-founder. Neeraj is convinced that blockchain and crypto can revolutionize traditional finance. Neeraj aims to make cryptocurrency accessible for all and to make it easy for everyone. He is an expert in crypto macro, as well as a keen interest in global crypto developments like CBDCs, DeFi and others. The prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay awarded Neeraj a degree as an electrical engineer.