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Top Wall Street analysts say buy Costco & Cigna


Although Friday’s rally provided some respite for investors in the wake of recent market volatility, more volatility will likely be ahead.

This is despite the fact that inflation continues its downward spiral and that Federal Reserve has moved to increase rates.

Wall Street’s most prominent pros remind investors to see beyond the turmoil and focus on long-term investment. TipRanks ranks Wall Street’s top-performing professionals and analysts are choosing their favorites stocks for weathering the storm.

These are the five stocks analysts have highlighted this week.


Coursera (COUROnline courses are offered by ), which offers courses that cover a variety of topics and levels of qualification, including degree programs. This course is for individuals as well as enterprises that want to improve their employees’ skills.

CourseraThe course content is provided by universities and experts who have partnered with them. You can either purchase course certificates individually or subscribe to a plan. Coursera’Revenue rose by 36% to $120.4million in the first quarter (2022), beating consensus estimates of $116.7 million. (See Coursera’s Blogger SentimentTipRanks

Coursera couldn’t avoid the stock market sell-off. However, dip-buyers may still be getting great deals. Needham’s Ryan MacDonaldCoursera’s annual conference was a success. I came away feeling that this stock is a good long-term investment option. An analyst recently reported that conference talks provided an outlook which implied growing opportunities throughout Coursera’s segments.

MacDonald assigned the stock as a buy and set a $32 price target.

Coursera has expanded its professional certificates offerings in the consumer sector with high gross margins. Analyst said that the strategy will help to increase revenue and expand margins. MacDonald stated that Coursera’s enterprise segment is expanding with innovative products and add-ons. This should allow it to win more customers as well expand its wallet share.

MacDonald ranks No. 1 among the almost 8,000 TipRanks analysts. 545. With an average return rate of 12.5% per rating, his success rate is 47%

ZoomInfo Technologies

ZoomInfoZIThe company sells valuable data access that businesses can use for their marketing or talent hires. The company’s TalentOS platform allows companies to hire more effectively.

In the first quarter ZoomInfoThe company beat all consensus expectations on the top and bottom lines. It also provided an optimistic outlook for the remainder of the year, as well as the second quarter. (See ZoomInfo Earnings DataTipRanks

ZoomInfo stock fell despite strong quarterly results, upbeat guidance and strong financial performance. Raymond James analyst Brian PetersonThe sale-off in ZoomInfoStocks are a bargain for long-term investors who have a longer-term perspective. The analyst recently stated ZoomInfo had more potential to profit due to the addition of new products, acquisitions, and an international expansion drive.

Peterson gave the stock a Buy rating with a Price Target of $65.

ZoomInfo’s international expansion is being accelerated amid strong demand. ZoomInfo is expanding its London headcount and recently opened its first Indian physical office.

ZoomInfo has also been making strategic acquisitions. Comparably, Dogpatch Advisors and Comparably were acquired by ZoomInfo recently to strengthen its sales and recruiting solutions. ZoomInfo’s expansion overseas and enhancements of its solutions through acquisitions are helping it win more customers. According to the analyst, ZoomInfo had recently expanded its partnership with Alphabet (Google-parent Alphabet)

Peterson is No. Out of nearly 8,000 analysts within the TipRanks Database, Peterson ranks No. 100. Stock ratings were correct 59% times, returning an average of 19.2% per rating.


Costco is a large-box retailerCOSTIt currently owns a network with around 830 stores. In 2022, it plans to add 30 more shops. This could increase its sales. (See Costco Stock ChartsTipRanks

Costco reported revenue and profits that exceeded the consensus in its most recent quarterly report. However, CostcoStock traded below its beginning price for the year. Oppenheimer analyst Rupesh ParikhCostco continues to be a solid investment. This discount on the stock makes it an excellent opportunity to get it at a cheaper price. The analyst recently highlighted Costco’s solid management team, good track record in shareholder returns and strong leadership.

Parikh considered the stock to be a buy, with $645 as the price target.

For shareholder returns CostcoThe company has long been a recipient of dividends. Recently, the annualized payout of $3.60 per share was increased. Parikh believes there are prospects for a special dividend. The analyst noted Costco’s impressive April sales in spite of the numerous headwinds facing retailers all over the country. Costco is also considered to be a market leader because of its strong competitive position.

Parikh ranks No. Parikh is ranked No. 352 among the approximately 8,000 TipRanks analysts. With an average return rate of 10.5%, the analyst was accurate 62% of all time when he rated stocks.

Green Dot

Green Dot Fintech (GDOTIt offers consumer cash processing, checking accounts, and prepaid debit card. This service also assists with the disbursement of wages and processing tax refunds.

As revenue and profit improved over the quarter prior to the year ended, the first quarter’s results exceeded the consensus expectations. Green Dot then issued optimistic guidance for the entire year, as well as the second quarter. A website has been launched by the company. $100 million share repurchase program. (See Green Dot Risk AnalysisTipRanks

However, Green DotStocks have remained in decline despite the wider market downturn. Needham analyst Mayank Tandon, GDOTThere are bright prospects for the company and the current pullback is a good bargain.

Tandon gave GDOT the rating of Buy with a Price Target of $35

According to Tandon, the digital pandemic had accelerated the adoption of payments and banking technology. This trend fits into GDOT’s main focus areas. Tandon noted that GDOT’s management is continuing to invest in long-term growth. These investments could, together with share repurchases in the future, drive double-digit earnings growth per-share for 2023 and beyond.

Tandon ranks No. 81 out of nearly 8,000 TipRanks analysts. 573. Analyst calls are correct 48%, returning an average of 10% per rating.


Cigna is a health insurance company (CIThe broader market decline is being resisted by ), Cigna shares continue to be a popular choice for investors after it reported. strong quarterly resultsand provided positive guidance for the entire year. Analyst at Mizuho Securities Ann HynesBelieves that this is what the time calls for.

The analyst noted in a report that Cigna’The company’s future prospects are bright. Company recently launched a provider consult serviceAccording to the company, it is designed for better outcomes for those with cancer. Evernorth Health Services powers the service. Cigna revealed that 40% of community patients received updated therapy guidance thanks to their provider consult service. Hynes said that Evernorth was a successful business in its first quarter. It is still well placed for growth in 2023. (See Cigna Dividend DataTipRanks

Hynes gave the stock a Buy rating with a Price Target of $291.

Hynes claims that Cigna’s Evernorth business unit has been gaining new business and is experiencing high renewal rates. Cigna’s Evernorth and health-care segments offer great cross-selling opportunities, according to Hynes.

Hynes is the No.1 ranked analyst out of nearly 8,000 in TipRanks’ database. 568. With an average return rate of 8.9%, analysts’ calls were right 57% the majority of the times.