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Inflation is the ‘top problem’ facing America, survey shows


An employee stocks products in a San Francisco grocery store, California on May 2, 2022.

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President Joe BidenIt also faced criticism for its insistence on inflation, and the plans it has to fix it.

Biden and Trump exchange tweets AmazonFounding founder Jeff BezosIt began Friday with the president tweetedInflation: Let’s ensure that the richest corporations get their fair share.

Bezos, quote Biden tweet respondedDiscuss: “Raising Corp Taxes is fine. Talking about how to control inflation is crucial. It is a misdirection to try and mash them together.

Bezos further criticizedIn a Sunday tweet, the White House stated its strategy, namely the American Rescue Plan worth $1.9 Trillion. signed into law last MarchThis contributed to an increase in inflation. He said that the rising prices are hardest on poor families.

On Monday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg reacted to Bezos’ criticisms of the administration’s inflation policy. He spoke on CNBC’s “The View” on Monday.Squawk Box.” 

According to him, “The President’s Theory of Economic Case is not likely to be popular among billionaires because he is asking them to pay our fair share.”

“With the right kind of public investments, we can go after some of the things that we know are contributing to inflationary pressures,” Buttigieg added.