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Google opens new ‘Bay View’ campus that’s the ‘epitome of flexibility’


Asim Tahir, Michelle Kaufmann, and Asim Takhir are Google executives. They stated that they wanted high ceilings and natural light in order to make it seem like the outdoors.

Jennifer Elias 

Google will open its Mountain View campus this week. Google executives claim that the goal is to have employees of the advertising division feel more at ease returning to work for the next decades.

The campus dubbed “Bay View” is located on 42 acres adjacent to NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View and will house 4,000 employees working on its ads products led by Google’s VP of Ads Jerry Discshler. There are two buildings that house offices, a meeting center for 1000 people, and 240 hotels units available to temporary employees. 

GoogleThe company makes the majority of its income from advertisements, but it also has many workers around the globe. Advertising revenue totaled $54.66 Billion for the company. first quarter — up from $44.68 billion the year prior.

The company also has its first built-up campus. A spokesperson for Google stated that the other Google campuses were pre-existing buildings which had been altered by Google.

Google has opened its Bay View Campus in Mountain View, which will be home to ad workers.

Jennifer Elias

The financial costs of the new campus were not disclosed by executives and spokespersons. It is however one of twenty. key projectsThis year, it will be the recipient of investments in excess of $10 billion.

“Extra-focused on Flexibility”

As the company opens its new campus, cautiouslyThe majority of employees return to their offices following two years spent working remote during the Covid-19 epidemic. In one of today’s most challenging talent markets, companies are being forced to make flexible work arrangements.

“As we started with a blank canvas, we had to ask ourselves another set of questions and that was simply ‘what will work look like in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years?’” said Google’s VP of Workplace and Real Estate David Radcliffe. “And I’ll be honest, the conclusion we came to was ‘we have no idea.’ But what we did know was it meant we had to be extra, extra focused on flexibility. This building had to be able to transform itself over its lifetime in order to respond to the demands being put on by the business.”

Executives stated that the company design included considerations for post-pandemic conditions, including flexible workspaces and telephone booths.

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Part of that planning included accounting for employees coming into the office sporadically — a few days or less, Radcliffe said. It has flexible spaces and a hotel, as well as different areas for groups of six to ten people to meet. There are modular desks and open, enclosed, or see-through areas.

“A lot of it came down to having that ability to go in between focus states of work and collaboration states of work,” said Michelle Kaufman, director of real estate and workplace services R&D. “How do we build for an unknown future?”

The current design was praised by executives as “the epitome” of flexibility. “Can we have it all?” Kaufman added. Kaufman added.

Google’s Bay View Campus in Mountain View houses a food court.

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The other features were designed to give workers the feeling of being outdoors, with high perforated ceilings and natural light. The workspace is designed to make workers feel as if they are on “trail” with privacy booths.

Courtyards sit between buildings and desks, surrounded by trees and natural wood to give the illusion of “walking in a park,” Kaufman said. The company is planning to add these features in several of their products. other campus sites as “it helps your brain recover a little bit,” Kaufman said.

According to executives, the panels are positioned so that rainwater can be collected and sunlight is allowed into the buildings’ roofs.

Google has opened its Bay View Campus in Mountain View, which will accommodate 4,000 employees of ads.

Jennifer Elias

Over the course of the epidemic, employees were asked about their preferences for work every quarter. Executives at the company said that in order to prepare for Bay View and to return to office, they asked a random selection of employees every month.

Kaufman explained that Google has added courtyards to the spaces between buildings so it can feel like “walking in an open park”. 

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“The majority said coming back in with flexible schedules was what they wanted,” Radcliffe said. “We try to accommodate all the different working styles and not just a one-size-fits-all.” 

According to executives, flexibility in design means that the design does not stop once the building is opened. The design will change over the years and months.

Gone are the days where “you design the building and, as the architecture, you go away,” Kaufman said. “No, no, no. Now, that’s actually when the design is just starting. When we move in, our job is going to be like a DJ and curating the space.”

Google officials stated the Bay View campus would be powered with carbon-free energy by 90% using a first-of its-kind solar roof design, in conjunction with wind farms nearby. 

Jennifer Elias