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United Airlines says FAA cleared grounded Boeing 777s to fly again


United Airlines Holdings Inc. Boeing Boeing 777-200 on the San Francisco International Airport’s tarmac in San Francisco (SFO) on Thursday October 15, 2020.

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images

United AirlinesTuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration cleared the way for 52 to return. Pratt & Whitney-powered BoeingA fleet of 777s was grounded in February 2021 after an engine malfunction.

“Late last night, the FAA issued the final paperwork on our Pratt & Whitney-powered triple sevens,” United’s chief commercial officer Andrew Nocella said at a Bank of America industry conference.

Nocella explained that United has 10% capacity and the planes are “really, really important”. Safety can be rushed.

United stated last week that it would bring back the planes gradually after they are cleared. This will be done starting in late February.

After an engine problem on United’s 777-220s bound for Honolulu, Denver, the plane was grounded. Before returning to Denver’s main airfield, it dropped debris. It did not cause any injuries.

FAA did not immediately respond to our request for comment. CNBC reports that planes returned in delayed form of April’s expected return on May 13, CNBC says. reported last month.