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Daily FX trading volumes reach $1.86 trln in April, up 5%


© Reuters. FILEPHOTO: This picture illustrates the Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, U.S. dollars, Japanese yens, pound, and Chinese 100 Yuan banknotes. It was taken January 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jason Lee

LONDON, (Reuters) – Average foreign exchange trade volumes for April were $1.86 trillion. This is 5% more than a year ago, as volatility rose and investors purchased and sold more in the spot and future markets. CLS reported on Thursday.

CLS was a key settler for FX trades and stated that it saw a 14% increase in spot trading activity and a 27% rise in forwards activity. However, swap volumes remained flat at the 2021 level.

FX volatility has risen due to recent increases in central bank interest rates and concerns about economic losses from the Ukraine war. These factors have encouraged more trading, which is typically a good thing. CLS stated that April volume was 12.5% lower than March.