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Orban tells CPAC conservatives in Europe, U.S. must align “troops” for 2024 votes -Breaking


© Reuters. Viktor Orban is the Prime Minister of Hungary at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest (Hungary), May 19, 2022. Hungarian Prime Minister’s Press Office/Zoltan Fisher/Handout via REUTERS


By Krisztina Than

BUDAPEST, (Reuters) – Conservatives from Europe and America must work together to “reconquer” institutions in Washington or Brussels. Liberals are threatening Western civilisation in the 2024 elections.

Orban of the Nationalist Party said that Donald Trump’s next U.S. Presidential Election will see him seeking a second term. He also suggested that Trump might seek another term. And the European Parliament vote would ensure that this year is a pivotal one.

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was his address in Budapest. It was the first CPAC European event.

Orban stated that progressive liberals and neoMarxists dazed and dazed, as well as people financed and promoted by George Soros, wanted to destroy the Western way life, which you and we love so deeply.”

He stated, “We need to coordinate our troop movements as we face big tests. 2024 is a crucial year.”

He took a swipe at Soros, a Budapest-born billionaire who he accused of trying to subvert Europe’s cultural identity through supporting immigrants. Soros, who has funded education and scholarships since 1989, has been a proponent of liberalism.

Many Americans see Orban’s hardline policies regarding immigration, support for families, and Christian conservatism as an example. He was elected for the fourth time in consecutive terms.

Orban has been accused by the EU, among other things, of trying to limit media coverage and undermine judicial independence while also enriching himself with public funds. He denied any evidence of corruption.

Orban listed 12 points that he stated were crucial to maintaining a dominant form of conservatism. They included following their rules and standing for the national interest in foreign policy. He also stressed control over media.

Orban declared, “We must conquer the institutions in Washington D.C. or Brussels.”

CPAC’s annual conference, which was established in 1974 by conservative politicians and thinkers, has become an international gathering of right-wing celebrities as well as activists.

Matt Schlapp (chairman of American Conservative Union, which runs CPAC), stated that Budapest was the best place for a discussion about Europe and working with freedom fighters.