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A massive education project to fight hacks and scams -Breaking


It is necessary to fund a massive education program in order to combat hacks and other scams

The common narrative around the prevailing threats to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is that regulators will put the kibosh on their legality, it has to get much easier for “ordinary” people to use, and the magnitude of its volatility has to be tempered.

They are all true. But there’s something perhaps just as consequential: scams, hacks, fraudulent exchanges, dumps and the like. Why? Each attack leaves scars. These scars multiply quickly.

Rich Feldman leads the marketing for Finario, a global enterprise capital-planning software-as-a-service provider. Rich was a lecturer on strategy at Syracuse University Newhouse School, New York University, and Western Connecticut University. Additionally, he is an adjunct instructor at Western Connecticut University. His book is also his. Deconstructing Creative Strategy Publised by the Association of National Advertisers.