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Newly appointed French minister denies rape accusations -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Damien Abad, Member of Parliament, listens as Edouard Philippe (French Prime Minister) gives a speech in which he outlines the French government’s plans to release the coronavirus lockdown that was imposed by France to reduce the pace of coronavirus infection (CO).

PARIS, (Reuters) – Damien Abad is France’s minister for Solidarity and the Disabled. These accusations, which were published Sunday by Mediapart in an article based upon interviews with the women, are strongly refuted.

Mediapart quoted the women as saying that Abad forced them into unsuitable sexual relationships. They claimed that the actions occurred in 2010-2011.

A woman filed a police complaint against Abad in 2017, which was closed by Abad and Mediapart.

He said that he contests the accusations of sexual violence with all his might in a statement sent by Reuters. “The sexual relationships that I’ve had all my life were by mutual consent.”

Abad stated that his disability, called arthrogryposis which affects all of his four limbs, rendered it physically impossible to perform the crimes he was being accused of.

Abad has joined the government that was formed Friday following President Emmanuel Macron’s re-election.

Asking Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne for comment, she stated that she didn’t know about them until he joined government.

“I will make it very clear that on sexual harassment, harassing, and other topics, there is no impunity. We must keep pursuing actions to ensure women, who might be the victims, are able to speak out freely.” she stated.

Borne stated that her government would be responsible for the actions of Abad’s government, “if new elements are added or a case is open.” She declined to give further information.