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Stocks like Peloton, Plug Power & Rivian are long-term winners


Peloton’s exercise bike can be seen following the ringing out of the opening bell to the Nasdaq market site in New York City. September 26, 2019.

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Companies are being shaken by rising inflation pressures, supply chain problems and the resurgence Covid.

This latest selling trend suggests investors want to minimize losses and quickly get out their capital.

Wall Street’s best pros say that market volatility is a chance for investors with long-term perspectives. TipRanks ranks Wall Street’s top-performing professionals and has selected their favorites stocks to purchase now.

These are the top five stocks analysts consider bargain opportunities.


RingCentralRNGThe company () provides cloud-based communications services to businesses across all industries. It reported solid results for the first quarter 2022. Revenue and adjusted earnings per share not only improved over the previous year, but they also beat the consensus estimate. After the first quarter ended, the company released a more positive outlook for next year.

Its positive guidance and strong results are not enough to overcome. RingCentralIt has been affected by the stock market sell-off. Oppenheimer has Oppenheimer’s Investor Guide. Timothy HoranThe analyst is encouraging them to continue. The analyst stated that RingCentral is able to offer stable pricing because of its high-quality service. Analysts also appreciate the renewed emphasis on profitability. (See RingCentral Website VisitsTipRanks.

Horan gave the stock a Buy rating with a Price Target of $100.

RingCentralVlad Shmunis, CEO, stated that trust, innovation and partnership are the key to his company’s success. The company recently introduced several products that are targeted at small business, as well as hybrid work and study sections. 

RingCentral has forged partnerships with telecom giants such as AT&T (T), Verizon (VZ), Vodafone (VOD), and Deutsche Telekom (DTEGY). Frontier has been added to the list recently.FYBRAs it seeks more small-business customers, RingCentral will be partnering with ( Horan claims RingCentral is the most successful go-to market strategy because of its large network of partners which include many incumbent telecom companies and PBX providers. 

RingCentral will be one of the major beneficiaries of the expanding cloud communications market. The analyst estimates it will increase fourfold by the end, to $100 billion in six years.

Horan is No.1 among nearly 8,000 TipRanks Database analysts. 200. An analyst who has rated stocks correctly 64% of time, returning an average of 12.8%.

Peloton Interactive 

Peloton InteractivePTONPost a Comment recent quarterly reportThat led to an overall drop in revenue as well as a wider loss. Due to high inflation and disruptions in global supply chains, the business of this fitness company has been difficult. Peloton’s stock has suffered from the market meltdown. 

However, Baird’s Jonathan KompPeloton is in dire straits and it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss the company based on its present woes. According to a report by the analyst, Barry McCarthy (Peloton’s newly appointed CEO) is actively seeking growth opportunities while also working towards operational improvement. According to the analyst, there are also many growth opportunities for Peloton’s new CEO Barry McCarthy. Peloton’sSubscription business is high-margin and fast-growing.

Komp gave the stock a Buy rating with a Price Target of $25

“We believe the demand for our products is at a high level and we are confident that it will continue to rise.” PTON“Can drive healthy profitability up to F2024E,” said the analyst. Komp thinks that Peloton’s subscription business will support its profitability. Komp noted that the management had taken cost control measures, and cited Peloton’s $800m annual cost-savings goal by fiscal 2024. (See Peloton Stock ChartsTipRanks

Komp is No. Out of nearly 8,000 TipRanks analysts, Komp is ranked No. 473. Analyst stock ratings were correct 51% of time with an average return 14.1%.

Rivian Automobile 

Rivian Automobile (RIVN() is a brand new maker of electric vehicles. It has made several models, including the R1T pickup trucks, R1S SUV and the EDV delivery van. In the midst of market volatility, shares have fallen.

Although some might see a knife falling in Rivian for their money, Mizuho will not.s Vijay RakeshInvestors are being urged to purchase the dip. According to a report by the analyst, Rivian’s business looks much better than most investors realize.

Rakesh gave the stock a Buy rating with a Price Target of $80.

RivianIt aims to build 25,000 cars by 2022. In the first quarter of 2022, 2,553 vehicles were produced by the company. Due to strong customer demand, the company has increased its manufacturing capabilities in order meet its production targets. Rivian now has more than 90,000. Preorders have been placed for both its SUV and truck models. This is in contrast to the 83,000 that were received during the last update. Rakesh stated that Rivian’s almost 10,000 new preorders have a greater average selling price at $90,000. This is in comparison to the $77,000 previous orders. (See Rivian Retail InvestorsTipRanks

The analyst added to his bullish hypothesis by pointing out that Amazon (AMZNRivian placed an order for 100,000 vans from a customer (which should arrive by 2030). Rivian has no problem meeting demand as there are always orders. Rivian needs to only increase its production. Rakesh says Rivian is able to sustain itself for the next eleven quarters.

Rakesh, out of nearly 8,000 analysts included in TipRanks’ database is No. 72. With an average rating of 23.2%, analyst calls were correct 62% of all times.

Six Flags

Six FlagsSIXIt operates regional parks in the United States and has recently announced a solid first quarter. The stock traded at an all-time low of $2.50, which is still well below the market’s recent peak. In a recent report, B. Riley Financial’s Eric WoldWe discussed the potential growth of Six Flags in the future.

Wold gave the stock a Buy rating with a Price Target of $55.

The attendance figures of theme park operators have been a key metric for investors. Wold stated that Six Flags’ attendance has become a secondary metric in evaluating Six Flags. The analyst said that attendance is no longer a key metric when it comes to evaluating Six Flags. Six FlagsThe company is now focusing its efforts on high-quality guests, while eliminating low-margin programs. The analyst stated that Six Flags will see increased profitability even though attendance could drop. (See SIX Flags Risk FactorsTipRanks

According to the analyst, Six Flags is able to counter inflation pressures. Inflation and wage pressures can be alleviated by a variety of strategies, including a higher admission fee and more efficient labor staffing. 

Wold is the No.1 ranked analyst out of nearly 8,000 in the TipRanks Database. 701. Analyst calls were correct 46% of time with an average return rate of 10.9% per rating.

The Plug Power

Plug Power for fuel cell companiesPLUGRecently, PLUG stock reported that its sales almost doubled in the first quarter of this year. However, high costs caused a larger loss. PLUG stock recently has come under increasing pressure and saw a dramatic fall since its peak. (See Plug Power Blogger SentimentTipRanks

H.C. Wainwright Amit DayalThe decrease in Plug PowerThe blessing of shares can be a curse. An analyst believes that the company will see its business grow in the future and that the stock will rise as well. 

Dayal assigned the stock as a buy and set a target price of $78.

Plug PowerThe company is growing its global business and Dayal sees as much as 25% of its estimated $909million revenue coming from overseas markets in 2022. Dayal says that the natural gas price volatility has impacted Plug Power’s fuel margins. Dayal also acknowledges this possibility. But, it is increasing its service margins.

Dayal stated that the stock deserves a higher appreciation in the markets based on the evidence of global growth and execution against margin improvement.

Plug Power’s fuel cells solutions meet clean and renewable energy requirements. The analyst believes that the U.S. climate change legislation will benefit the stock.

Dayal is No. The TipRanks database contains nearly 8,000 analysts. Dayal is ranked 28. Analyst ratings are correct 44% the majority of time with an average return 49.8%.