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The 4 things this mindfulness coach does every morning to be more productive


The pace at which you begin your day determines how it will go. The mindfulness and breathwork coach recommends this. Zee ClarkeA morning routine can help you stay disciplined and grounded.

Clarke claims that her first action every morning before she had an organized morning routine was to grab her smartphone. After turning off her alarm, Clarke began to check her emails, get notifications and scroll through social media. She was then “snoozing” about her obligations.

Clarke recollects the moment her daily dose of social media turned a disastrous turn that destroyed her whole day.

“One time when video footage from police violence would flood the news, I received an alert. It was clicked and I saw a 16-year old. Ma’Khia BryantCNBC Make It: “Get shot and killed in the head by police on my phone in my bed,” she says. That was my first thought when I woke up the next morning. It was horrible.

Clarke admits that although being disciplined about her morning routine was a challenge, she says it has helped her be more productive and mindful throughout her day.

Clarke identifies 4 essential things she does every day:

Check-ins every day

For the day, set a purpose

Each of us has goals or tasks that we want to complete, but set aside for later.

Clarke suggests that setting an intention for the day can help you stay accountable, and keep your eyes on what is important.

Although your intention may be professional (e.g., a presentation or project to be completed before the deadline), it could also be personal.

Maybe it is something you are working on in your own life, such as today, I will try to be patient with others or today, I will try to show kindness. When you make it your intention, those are the things you will pay more attention to.

Get water the first thing

For an energy boost, many of us love to get up in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea. Clarke, however, says that water is the first thing she eats after waking up. She encourages other people to do the exact same.

Clark says that drinking water increases energy, improves metabolism, reduces pain and aches, and lubricates joints. The skin benefits are also great and it flushes out any toxins.

Meditation and breathingwork

Everybody knows that breathing is second nature. However, many don’t realize that breathing exercises can be beneficial for their health. can helpControl stress and anxiety by releasing anger. 

Clarke employs the three-part breathing method to keep her grounded and in tune.

“I inhale. “I inhale. I can feel the air move through my stomach, filling my chest and belly. Then, as I exhale the air flows from my belly through my chest and into my throat. When I say the words, “throat”, chest, stomach, it makes me slow down.

Clarke meditates each morning in order to be “clear and present”. Clarke meditates by placing her focus on specific areas of her body. She starts at the top. She can relax each part of herself as she shifts her attention down to the rest of her body.

I simply name the area in my body and pay attention. Sometimes I don’t even realize that my jaw is clenched or I have tension in one area. “Relax” is what I do.

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