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Beeple’s Twitter Account Hacked for $438K in Crypto and NFT Phishing Scam -Breaking


Beeple’s Twitter Account Hacked for $438K in Crypto and NFT Phishing Scam

Beeple, an acclaimed digital artist, had his Twitter (NYSE) account compromised as part of an organized scam to deceive people with crypto- and nonfungible tokens. The scheme was worth more than $436,000.

Beeple’s Twitter Account Hacked in Phishing Scam

The verified account on Twitter of Mike Winkelmann (digital artist, Beeple) was compromised in a Phishing Scam. It happened May 22nd.

After gaining access to Beeple’s account, the attackers posted a link promising a “raffle” for Beeple’s Louis Vuitton collaboration. The hackers shared the news with harry.eth.

The link was clicked by unsuspecting victims, who had their crypto wallets drain and received NFTs. Beeple was only one victim in the Phishing Scam.

Hacking scam that extorts $438k from other accounts

Harry Denley is a cybersecurity expert and security advisor at MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet.

First wallet address indicated that the victims had suffered 36 Ethereum losses from the attack. On-chain data revealed a second link, through which the fraudster had amassed ETH and NFTs valued at around $365,000.

Stolen NFTs included pieces from ‘Mutant Ape Yacht Club’, ‘VeeFriends’, and ‘Otherdeeds’. Over $438,000 was stolen by the fraudster in NFTs or ETH.

To launder his gains, the evil actor used the NFTs to buy illicit NFTs from OpenSea. He also funneled stolen ETH to a cryptocurrency mixer.

The Flipside

  • In May, earlier Louis Vuitton, Beeple collaborated to design 30 NFTs for the ‘Louis: The Game‘ mobile game, which were embedded as rewards for players.

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What You Need to Care About

Freebies that sound too good to be true have been advised to crypto holders. They are scams more often than they appear.

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