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In meeting with Biden, Australia’s Albanese recalls colourful first trip to U.S -Breaking


© Reuters. The Quad Summit in Tokyo at Kantei Palace, Tokyo, Japan is being held May 24th, 2022. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst


SYDNEY, (Reuters) – Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met with Joe Biden for the first time on Tuesday. This prompted Biden to jokingly hold a fake walkout while the Labor Party leader recalled Washington.

Biden thanked Albanese for flying so quickly to Tokyo after being sworn into office on Monday after an exhausting six-week campaign.

Albanese stated that he learned about interaction between groups and the U.S. government as a teenager in his 20s.

He stated that he was involved in a wide range of activities, from the National Rifle Association to the Sierra Club to Planned Parenthood and all the rest.

They are also involved in many hot issues, such as gun control laws, abortion and the environment.

Biden stood from his chair, and appeared to move off. After shaking Albanese’s hands, Biden said again: “You are a brave person,” before he sat down once more.

Albanese stated that it was “a chance to see the full variety in how the country works,” and added that he had spent time in America, which included a visit to Las Vegas.

Albanese stated that his government is proud of the fact that Australia’s alliance with the United States was forge by John Curtin, Labor leader during World War Two. This led to an official alliance after the war.

He said that “we have been friends since then”, adding that the United States was important to Australia’s national security and the safety of the region.

Albanese stated that he was part of a Labor government which brought U.S. Marines into Darwin in Australia and that he looked forward strengthening his relationship with Washington.

Biden stated that he was looking forward to Albanese being invited to the United States, but also noted Albanese’s need to return to Australia.