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Indian Crypto App Advocate for ‘Peace and Predictability’ -Breaking


© Reuters Indian Crypto App Advocate for ‘Peace and Predictability’
  • CoinSwitch promotes peace and predictability.
  • Indian authorities are looking to create new rules around blockchain.
  • CoinSwitch is a strong supporter for regulatory clarity.

To protect and encourage the use of virtual currency, the Indian government wants to create new blockchain regulations. The move comes as the government looks to tackle the technology’s regulatory uncertainty.

The CoinSwitch, which is estimated to be the widely spread India’s crypto corporation with over 16 million supporters, is said to attain a value of $1.89 billion. Tiger Global and Coinbase (NASDAQ:) are deemed endeavors to be India’s central IT center, backed by Andreessen Horowitz’s New Delhi.

Ashish Singhal (CEO and co-founder at CoinSwitch) said:

We demand that the Indian government establish a regulatory framework to regulate cryptocurrencies. We don’t want them to be banned. We desire peace and predictability.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the government…

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