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Monkeypox outbreak ‘containable,’ says WHO, as confirmed cases hit 131


After a recent rise in Monkeypox infections, cases of the disease are currently being investigated in Europe and Canada.

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Tuesday was a day of celebration for the World Health Organization.

Since the beginning, there have been 131 confirmed cases as well as 106 possible cases. reported on May 7According to the public health agency. The cases are reportedly located in 19 countries outside of Africa.

According to the WHO, it is not clear if the sudden spike in cases represents the tip of an iceberg or if there has been a peak in transmission.

Monkeypox has been identified as a rare viral infectionThis is the most common form of malaria in Central and West Africa. It is endemic to Central and West Africa. through close contact with people, animals or material infected with the virus, with symptoms including rashes, fever, headaches, muscle ache, swelling and backpain.

Most cases of mild illness are not serious. typically resolving within two to four weeksExperts in health have expressed surprise at the rise in cases from patients who are not familiar with the disease, and those who don’t know where to find it.

Western cases increase mainly through sex.

At least 19 countriesSeveral countries, including Australia, the U.K. Canada and Australia have reported cases so far, as well as Portugal, Spain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Canada and Australia. Belgium — currently home to four cases — on Friday became the first country to institute mandatory isolationFor patients, while U.K. has asked close patients contacts to sell-isolate.

Most cases can be referred to as spreading through sexThe WHO stated Monday. Although not considered to be sexually transmitted, authorities noted that there was a higher incidence of these cases in men who had sex with others.

One section of the skin, taken from an infected monkey’s skin, can be seen in 50X magnification at day 4 of the 1968 rash. 

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Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention alerted gay and bisexual menThey should take steps to protect themselves if they come in contact with anyone who could have the virus.

Susan Hopkins (chief medical advisor to U.K. Health Security Agency) said Monday that a significant number of European and UK cases were found in homosexual and bisexual men.

Monkeypox strain mutation unlikely

Sylvie Briand (Director for Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness at WHO), said Tuesday it is unlikely that the virus has changed. She suggested that the virus’ transmission could have been caused by changes in behavior and a reduction of Covid-19 social restrictions.

The West African strain of monkeypox — which has been identified in the current outbreak — has a mortality rate of around 1%.

Briand said, “We urge you all to intensify surveillance of monkeypox in order to understand the transmission level and where it’s going.”

CNBC’s Jeremy Farrer told CNBC Monday that this outbreak of monkeypox was not typical.

“We haven’t had one.” [monkeypox]Farrer explained that an epidemic had already spread in the past to fifteen countries in just three weeks.” Farrer added at the World Economic Forum.

He said that the risk isn’t yet of concern to the public and that there are no Covid-style risks.

It’s not like saying that public health workers shouldn’t worry. But it’s not saying that we shouldn’t act quickly. It poses a great risk to the public. “No, not as far as I know.”

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