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Weak stocks and declining DeFi use continue to weigh on Ethereum price -Breaking


The Ethereum price continues to be affected by declining DeFi usage and weak stocks.

Ether’s (ETHAccording to data from, the 12-hour closing prices have maintained a close $1,910- $2,150 range during twelve consecutive days. But, oddly, these 13% oscillations have allowed for liquidation of an average $495,000,000 in futures contract contracts since May 13, according to data. Coinglass.

Kraken’s 12-hour Price in Ether/USD TradingView

Digital asset investments products also reflect the worsening market conditions. The latest issue of CoinShare’s Digital Asset Fund Flows Report shows that crypto funds are on the rise. Investment products experienced a $141 Million outflowThe week ended May 20. For this example,BTCAfter a $154 net weekly redemption, investors were focusing on ),

network’s most active DApps in USD terms. DappRadar
The 3-month-old annualized premium for Ether Futures. Source: Laevitas