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Brickken Unlocks the Potential of Company Stock Tokenization -Breaking


Brickken unlocks the potential of company stock tokenization
  • Brickken is a company interface and protocol that tokenizes assets
  • This platform allows for the end-to-end digitization
  • Tokenization Toolbox and dApp powered by private $2M token sales

Brickken, a company that uses corporate tokenization to raise funds and manage business operations, is creating a new way for fundraising. Brickken is an open-source tokenization platform which allows established companies to progress at their own pace. This gives them the ability to unlock a wealth of tools for creating on-chain equity.

The tried-and-true route of venture capital has been a great option for innovative projects in the field of fundraising and startups. However, as the VC market becomes increasingly crowded projects with the potential of changing lives or industries may not get the funding they need.

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