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Divi Wallet Update Gives Users Full Control of their Cryptocurrencies -Breaking


The Divi Wallet Update gives users full control over their cryptocurrencies

The new features include the ability to buy/sell crypto, and convert supported coins into wallets.

Divi Labs, an expert in decentralized payments and creator of Divi Wallet (self-custodial Divi wallet), today announced a host of new features to allow mainstream users to fully control their digital assets.

This update was designed to connect the two worlds of TradFi and DeFi seamlessly. The update lets users purchase cryptocurrency, convert between more than 270+ supported currencies, and, soon, keep NFTs in their mobile Divi wallet. Wallet users are able to purchase BTC and LTC as well as USDT and USDT using a debit or credit card. Wire transfer and selected US bank accounts can also be used.

Divi has a lower transaction rate than Simplex or Transak. However, wire transfers as well as payments via ACH and over ACH compare favorably to other providers.

Delivered with Divi Labs’ trademark focus on usability and accessibility, the new features ensure anyone can enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance without any of the compromises. Unlike many mainstream custodial wallets that ask the user to give up control for the convenience of a user-friendly experience, Divi’s self-custodial mobile wallet is easy to use, while giving …

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