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Magic Johnson Releases Anthology NFT Collection on NBA Top Shot -Breaking


Magic Johnson releases the Anthology NFT collection on NBA Top Shot

Legendary NBA player Magic Johnson has slam dunked his way into the NFT market with ‘The Anthology: Magic Johnson’. On June 7, 1,600 NFT items will be available in the NFT collection. The collection featuring Johnson’s career highlights will be available on the NBA Top Shot website, which is based on the Flow blockchain.

One hundred and twenty-one NFT packages will be sent to those who score a top shot of at least 1,200. The other 400 NFT boxes can be bought by anybody on the website.

From 1996 to 1996, Magic Johnson played for the Los Angeles Lakers 17 times. In addition to winning five NBA rings, he was also named the Regular Season and Finals MVP for three consecutive seasons. “I’m really excited to partner with NBA Top Shot to release my first NFTs and bring some of my favorite moments from my career to fans everywhere”, said the 5-time NBA champion.

Many Basketball collaborations with the Crypto World

Just months ago, another NBA legendary player Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, struck a deal with Blanksoles to design sneaker-themed NFTs called ‘Metta Designsoles‘ on the blockchain.

Recently, Bill Lee, the founder of MyDoge wallet bought a basketball team in Ice Cube’s ‘BIG3’ league. Surprisingly, this became the largest business transaction in Dogecoin’s (DOGE) history at a whopping $600,000 in DOGE.

BIG3 league has a community-based NFT league. This means that anyone can buy ownership of a team via NFTs. Snoop Dogg and Bill Lee have both taken advantage of the chance to buy a small stake in Bivouac’s BIG3 team.

Additionally, the National Basketball Association released an official NFT Card collection that features the players in the best basketball leagues worldwide. Fans are excited to see how the NFT cards will evolve and change based on the corresponding player’s real performance. The minimum bid for the cheapest of these NFT collectibles is just 0.01 ETH (currently worth about $20 USD at today’s prices), making it accessible to many more users than the average NFT collection on OpenSea.

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