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U.S. senators seek DEA answers on Mexico operations following Reuters reports -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO. Anne Milgram (Administr of the Dug Enforcement Administration) speaks at a press conference in order to announce that Juan Orlando Hernandez, former Honduran President was indicted for participating in a terrorist plot.

(Reuters] – U.S. senators sent a letter to the U.S Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) head requesting details on their overseas operations, particularly in Mexico.

Reuters published an April report that Mexico had closed down an elite unit which had been working with the DEA for many decades. A second report was published earlier in the month detailing how officials had removed the parking space from the plane, which had been used to perform high-profile missions out of Mexico.

Dick Durbin from Illinois, a Democrat, is chairperson of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Chuck Grassley (Republican Senator From Iowa), was a ranking member.

Anne Milgram and Anne Milgram wrote to Anne Milgram, chief of the DEA, asking for detailed information about the cancellation of the elite unit as well as the evacuation of the plane. According to Grassley’s Office statement, Tuesday.

The senators wrote that, “if true, these reports raise additional concern about the status DEA operations Mexico and the DEA’s working relationship avec foreign law enforcement units.” In a May 23rd letter, they said.

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Senators requested that answers be provided within 2 weeks to their questions. Also, they asked for an immediate briefing to Judicial Committee.

This letter comes in response to their November request for a briefing on DEA’s foreign operations, amid long-standing concerns about its oversight.

Also, senators cited Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexican president and accusation that elite units were infiltrated. Lopez Obrador made these comments during a morning conference. Lopez Obrador was being asked about his confirmation of the Reuters report on the unit’s closure.