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UN rights chief speaks with Xi during high-stakes China visit -Breaking


© Reuters. FILE PHOTO : Chinese President Xi Jinping gives a speech to a meeting praising role models of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games and the Beijing Olympic Games 2022 Olympic Games. The event took place at the Great Hall of the People (Beijing, China) April 8, 2022. REUTERS/Florence Lo

BEIJING (Reuters – Chinese President Xi Jinping talked on Wednesday via video conference with Michelle Bachelet U.N. Human Rights High Commissioner. The visit has drawn criticism from rights organizations and was called a mistake.

Bachelet’s six day trip to Xinjiang will also include a visit there. Her office stated last year that it believed most Muslim Uyghurs had been illegally detained and mistreated. But, this was not reported in a video of the meeting.

Xi told Bachelet that China’s development of human rights “suits its own national conditions”, and that among the various types of human rights, the rights to subsistence and development were primary for developing countries.

“Deviating form reality and copying wholesale other countries’ institutional models will not only be incompatible with local circumstances, but can also have disastrous consequences,” Xi was quoted by the Xinhua news agency.

He said, “In the final, it will be the large masses of people who suffer.”

Critics claim that they doubt Bachelet will be allowed the necessary access to complete an assessment of the rights situation at Xinjiang.

Bachelet called for free access to Xinjiang. However, China’s foreign minister has stated that her visit will be in a closed loop. This refers to a method of isolating individuals within a bubble to stop the spread of COVID-19.

China rejects all forms of abuse.

Ned Price, spokesperson at the U.S. State Department, stated Tuesday that it was “greed to accept a trip under these circumstances”.