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Alibaba ADR Earnings, Revenue Beat in Q4 -Breaking


© Reuters Alibaba ADR Earnings, Revenue Beat in Q4 – Alibaba ADR released Thursday’s fourth quarter report on Thursday. It beat analyst forecasts, and generated revenue above expectations.

Alibaba ADR declared earnings per share (EPS) of 7.95 on revenues of 204.1B. polled analysts and predicted EPS at 7.16 for revenue of 199.48 billion.

Alibaba ADR shares have fallen 30.71% since the start of the year. This is still 64.35% below its 52-week high of 230.89, which was set on June 28, 2021. Their performance is below that of which is down by 0% from the beginning.

Alibaba ADR comes after other significant Consumer Discretionary sectors earnings this month

Alibaba ADR reports on an earnings beat by Panasonic Corp PK (May 11), who reported EPS at 0.1997 on revenue 15.34B. This compares to the forecasts EPS at 0.1559 on revenue 15.34B.’s April 28th quarter earnings missed its expectations. It reported a -7.56 EPS on revenue of 116.44B. This compares to a forecast of an 8.35 EPS on revenue at 116.45B.

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