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How to beat inflation with Memorial Day sales


Urban Outfitters Pasadena has a selection of pants available for purchase.

Mario Anzuoni | Reuters

For Americans suffering from the pain of rising inflation, this year’s Memorial Day sales may be a key indicator.

A big holiday sales weekend usually marks the start of the 3-day holiday weekend. It’s a great time to stock up “especially if that’s something you know your going to use,” Simon Blanchard of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business said.

Blanchard said that this is especially true given the recent price rise.

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He cautioned that while some discounts might not be as significant now, they may seem small compared with what it cost one year ago. The reality is that sales will change because the prices have changed.

Use price-tracking apps like camelcamelcamel to see how good a deal really is, Blanchard advised.

Also consider whether the packaging has changed as more companies try to disguise higher costs by reducing the amount you are getting, a strategy known as “shrinkflation.”

“If you are getting 25% off and the product has shrunk by 20%, is it really that good of a deal?”

There will still be plenty of good discounts out there, Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst at, said of the sales which typically kick off midweek and run through Monday.

“Because of inflation, the starting price may be higher, which means the sale price may not be as low as we hoped but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal,” she said.

What to buy on Memorial Day

• Furniture and home decor:Ramhold stated that there will be many sales at online retailers such as, but savings may vary by brand and category. So you will need to shop around.

“If you’re looking for home goods to buy, it is important to know that there are deals out there.” she stated.

It is still a great time to plan ahead and make savings on any home items you might need in the future.

• Grills and patio furniture: Ramhold explained that there may be deals available on fire pits, grills, and other outdoor furniture if you want to make your space more inviting. But because of high demand, the retailers won’t have the same incentives to give such great prices.

Grills will be 20% off and a selection of patio furniture 30% to 50% off. Ramhold stated that although there are some discounts, they will be minimal at best. Ramhold said that retailers are keen to sell their inventory in August and September, which is when markdowns increase.

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