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© Reuters. Luna’s Resurrection: Information You Need To Know Ahead of Launch
  • 2. will launch as a brand new blockchain on May 27, 2022.
  • Investors who hold shares in any of the eligible UST or LUNA baskets are eligible to participate in this airdrop.
  • As crypto markets remain in bear mode, this is probably too much too soon.

In the hope of revitalizing Terra, the Terra network remains in development. CoinQuora reports that this week will see the launch of the second iteration on mainnet.

The Terra proposal to restore the collapsed ecosystem by forking the blockchain and starting again with new tokenomics has a lot of momentum and support, especially from people who lost a lot of money in UST and LUNA’s failure.

Terra Station data indicates that the proposal got 65% or about 200 million votes. The vote was abstained by around 2% (54 million) and nays cast by 13% (1 million). The vote total is…

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