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Ripple to Explore IPO After SEC Case Ends, XRP Whales Continue Accumulation Spree -Breaking


After the SEC case is over, Ripple will explore IPO. XRP whales continue their accumulation spree

The CEO of , Brad Garlinghouse, has shared his company’s desire to explore the possibility of an initial public offering (IPO) after settling its lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ripple will Explore IPOs After the SEC Case

Nearly 15 months has passed before the lawsuit was finally settled by the SEC. It alleges Ripple sold XRP illegally as securities.

Ripple believes the case will be resolved this year, despite having won several important cases. Garlinghouse answered a question about IPOs at the World Economic Forum, Davos.

“But you know, we certainly are at a point in the scale where that is a possibility. And we’ll look at that once we’re past this lawsuit with the SEC.”

XRP Whales continue to accumulate

Whales are taking advantage of the Ripple’s progress in SEC cases and the XRP correction by over 50% within the past two months to increase their holdings.

Data from Santiment shows that Ripple whales containing between 1M-10MXRP had reached their maximum point in over two months after an accumulation spree.

Santiment also explained that the XRP Whales (which are not exchanges), now own 6.12% all $XRP. This represents over $1.1 billion of XRP’s $19.14 billion market cap.


  • In the same interview, Brad Garlinghouse said that he agrees with co-founder Gavin Wood’s recent statement that not many cryptos will survive.

Why you should care

Garlinghouse believes that Ripple, which has grown significantly outside the U.S., could do the same in the country with “clarity and certainty” from the SEC case.

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