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Uniswap breaches $1T volume, WEF 2022 discussion on Terra, and more -Breaking


Finance redefined: Uniswap surpasses $1T volume, WeF 2022 discussions on Terra and More

Decentralized finance (DeFi), continues to be affected by market volatility, and the after-effects from the collapse of the ecosystem. The $1 trillion threshold was breached by major DeFi protocols over the week.

Terra remained at the center of many discussions surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency during the event World Economic Forum(WEF), suggesting that Terra’s yields were unsustainable. Terra collapsing, the DeFi insurance protocol will cover millions of dollars in interest. Name servicesNew records were set by (ENS).

WEF 2022: Terra offered unsustainable yields, and DeFi could support financial inclusion

InsurAce says it will pay millions to claimants after Terra’s collapse

Uniswap breaks $1T in volume — but has only been used by 3.9M addresses

Interest in Ethereum Name Service reaching ‘critical mass’

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