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6 questions for Andrew Levine from the Koinos Group

These are the 6 questions we have this week Andrew Levine, the CEO and founder of Koinos Group is working to accelerate decentralization by supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and companies in building disruptive, blockchain-based technologies.

Andrew is part of a group that aims to accelerate decentralization using accessible blockchain technology. Koinos is the foundational product of their team. It’s a cost-free blockchain with unlimited upgradeability and proof-of-burn.

1. What type of consolidation can you anticipate in the crypto market in 2022?

2 Will the new world currency be controlled by CBDCs or permissionless chains like Diem, or will it come from a blockchain that is completely anonymous?

3 Do you subscribe to the idea of Bitcoin as a means of payment, as a store-of-value, as both… or as neither?

4. Does it really matter whether we find out the identity of Satoshi? Why or why not?

5 Are you concerned that governments might try to destroy cryptography?

6 What do you think you would do with extra time if you did not need to sleep?

This is a dream for young, ambitious members of the blockchain community.

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