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‘Secret’ to getting better at small talk, from a veteran TV journalist


A veteran television journalist, who has made a career out of speaking to strangers, shares the secret to improving small talk

SuChin Pak has made a career out of talking to celebrities–here’s her ‘secret’ for getting better at small talk
Veteran TV journalist suggests 2 questions that you can ask if the conversation is stalled.
SuChin Pak, a veteran TV journalist and author of these 2 questions is able to encourage people to share their secrets.

SuChin Pak is rarely unable to communicate with someone. But when she does, her “secret” to small talk can be used by anyone.

It veteran TV journalistShe has been in the company of some of pop culture’s most prominent icons, including Britney Spears and Beyonce. Her career began as MTV News reporter in 2001. She has been covering everything, from celebrities to multi-cultural teens to international aid efforts and presidential elections.

The best tip she has for maintaining a conversation no matter what the situation is? Pak told CNBC Make It that she always has a few questions ready for anyone.

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The top two questions she asks new acquaintances is “What are you hoping people get from what you do?” “How did X become your passion?”

These questions are universal so they can be used to all people. However, they also have the potential to become very personal when asked by those who want to share their greatest passions or goals.

From surface-level small talk to deep conversationsCan help build trust and compatibility with someone you are new.

Pak said that she uses these questions to help her if she experiences a “brain freeze”, or if she is having a slow conversation. They help Pak relax and have a positive effect on her ability to think up the best thing to say.

Pak says that people love to chat and it’s a good idea to keep this in mind. All you need to do is hear.”

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