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These three Big Tech stocks have ‘nowhere else to go but up’


Jim Cramer, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday to investors that certain stocks had fallen far short of their peak and that they would inevitably rise.

The “The bottom line is that they might remain losers but they have fallen so far they are metaphors for many stocks that they can rally now that they have nowhere to go except up.”Mad Money” Host said.

Many tech titans have been described as “colossal losers” Cramer identified Amazon, Facebook-parent Meta PlatformsGoogle-parent Alphabet — three members of his now-discarded FAANG acronym — as names that will rebound. These are the other FAANG businesses AppleAnd Netflix.

Cramer says these three “losers” will rally.


Cramer stated that the company can increase its stock value if it cuts warehouses and employees, adopts a more aggressive approach in retail advertising, and maintains its Amazon Web Services. 

Amazon could be a company earning $82 per share in 2024. Before you start laughing about my 2024 estimations, keep in mind that 2022 has almost been completed,” he stated.

Meta Platforms

Cramer expressed faith in Zuckerberg’s vision of the metaverse. Noting that Zuckerberg and other leaders have also been mentioned, NvidiaJensen Huang is the Chief Executive.


Google has been deemed the best way to advertise. Cramer claimed that Cramer is protected against being pulled down by tech companies, such as SnapYou don’t do well.

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable trustYou can find out more at owNvidia shares, Meta, Amazon and Apple, ns.